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CDM B'nell Turner Saddle Soap 500ml

CDM B'nell Turner Saddle Soap 500ml

Ref: 48864

MPN: 10107

10.50 (Inc VAT )

A traditional soft wax formulation to thoroughly condition leather saddlery
•Formulated from blended soaps for a softer application; glycerine-free for a matt finish and a softer feel.
•Both sizes contain a free sponge.
•Use after ‘Step 1‘ Belvoir Tack Cleaner
•Apply to clean tack and gently rub in with a cloth or sponge. When dry, polish with a soft, dry cloth. Not suitable for aniline or untreated leather, suede or nubuck. Test on a hidden area before use.
{Key Ingredients}
•Blended Soaps.

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