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Bonanza Shine Complete Calf Milk 20kg

Bonanza Shine Complete Calf Milk 20kg

Ref: 79736



Sweet Complete
Whey milk replacer predominantly deriving from milk proteins for use in twice daily feeding or through an automatic feeder.
Contains buttermilk which reduces stomach upsets and feed refusals as it acts as an emulsifier enhancing fat breakdown and it contains a lactic acid flavour. Additionally, it can reduce rotavirus infectivity.
It contains a blend of oils which increases digestibility of fat for the calf; it is important to have a good mix of short, medium and long chained fatty acids. Additionally, it contains a blend of Omega 6:3 that enhances calf ability to combat pneumonia.
{Key Benefits}
Highly digestible whey protein
Maximum dry feed intake on a twice daily milk replacer
Boosted immunity
Very palatable

Protein Minimum 21% milk protein
Fat 17% blend of 6 oils for maximum digestibility and boosted immunity
Ash Maximum 7.5%
Crude fibre Maximum 0.2%
Moisture Maximum 4.5%
Lactose < 50%
pH < 6
BMP 10%

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