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Burg SupaDog Active 15Kg

Burg SupaDog Active 15Kg

Ref: 58150



Burgess Active with Chicken and Beef is high in protein for working and sporting dogs. The blend of seven individually-cooked, easy-to-digest nuggets mixed with tasty, moist, beefy chunks creates a dual-textured, teeth-friendly food. Plus we have based the kibbles in meat juice for extra lip-licking deliciousness!

24% protein for active dogs
Moist, beefy chunks based in real meat juices
Natural bioflavonoids to help maintain gut health and vitality in ‘outdoorsy’ working, sporty and active dogs
Natural antioxidants to support the immune system
Crunchy cooked cereals for energy and vitality
Delicious vegetables for extra goodness
Added calcium for bones and teeth.

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