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Brinsea OvaEasy 100 Adv II EX Incubator $

Brinsea OvaEasy 100 Adv II EX Incubator $

Ref: 72294

MPN: MJ1033

739.50 (Inc VAT )

OvaEasy Series II 100 Advance EX - 96 hens egg capacity
The Series II range of the popular OvaEasy Cabinet Incubators now extends from the compact, table-top OvaEasy 100 to the high capacity OvaEasy 580 and Hatcher combination, all providing the same consistently high hatch rates and value.

•High performance, flexible incubator with integral hatcher.
•Large capacity, OvaEasy 100 model: 96 hens eggs
•Flexible egg handling to suit a wide range of egg sizes
•Fully Automatic turning
•Comes complete with Humidity Pump module, designed to work seamlessly with all OvaEasy Advance incubators for full automatic humidity control.
•Clear, double-glazed observation door
•Energy efficient, wipe clean, insulated cabinet made from galvanised and painted steel chassis for strength and durability
•'Advance' digital control system – temperature and humidity readout, turning interval options, periodic cooling option, choice of degrees C and F
•Patented room temperature alarm for additional peace of mind
•Unique 'laminar airflow' to eliminate cold spots.
•UK made – UK customer support
•Free 3 year guarantee when registered online
Capacity when using species specific trays:

•Quail - 248 eggs
•Pheasant - 118 eggs
•Hen - 96 eggs
•Turkey/Duck - 60 eggs

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