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Brinsea Maxi II Adv Incubator (14)

Brinsea Maxi II Adv Incubator (14)

Ref: 77577


203.20 (Inc VAT )

{Description}AVAILABLE NOW - Maxi II Advance Incubator

Capacity: 14 hens’ eggs

Perfect for those new to egg incubation, the Maxi II Advance provides the convenience of automatic turning with the reassurance of digital alarms and count-down to hatch day.

High visibility cabinet
Automatic egg turning
Biomaster™ anti-microbial plastic
External water top-up
Fan-assisted airflow
Ventilation control
Digital temperature display in °C or °F
Countdown to hatch and auto-turn stop
Optional periodic egg cooling
Room temperature alarm
Incubator temperature alarm
Power fail indicator
Programmable turn interval and angle
14 hen egg disk, optional 40 egg small egg disk
3 year guarantee
Maximum Egg Capacities (approximate) as standard:

Quail - 28
Pheasant - 28
Hen - 14
Duck - 14
Goose - 0

Maximum Egg Capacities (approximate) assumes optional small egg disk available:

Quail - 40
Pheasant - 40
Hen - 14
Duck - 14
Goose - 0

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