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Bedmax Shavings Bale

Bedmax Shavings Bale

Ref: 47271


9.68 ( 1+ ) (Inc VAT)
8.99 (10 +) (Inc VAT)
8.48 (48 +) (Inc VAT)

Bring your Horse home to BEDMAX
Horse owners today understand that choosing the right bedding can play a key part in safeguarding their horse's well-being in the stable.
In fact, the right bedding can make a crucial difference to your horse's health, comfort and performance, which is why we have gone to great lengths to make sure that our shavings offer you and your horse the ideal bedding:
Dust free
Completely natural
Deep and resilient
Comfortable and protective
Long lasting
Easy to use
Great value for money
So whether you're competing at the highest level or simply riding for pleasure, you'll always be a winner when you bring your horse home to BEDMAX.

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