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Bed-Down Excel Plus Bedding 20kg

Bed-Down Excel Plus Bedding 20kg

Ref: 80858


10.99 ( 1+ ) (Inc VAT)
10.39 (6 +) (Inc VAT)
9.68 (40 +) (Inc VAT)

Bed-Down Excel Plus Equine Bedding
Bed-Down Excel Plus horse bedding has been developed for competition and performance horses or those that are at risk of or suffer from respiratory conditions. Based on our popular Excel bale, Bed-Down Excel Plus has our unique patented formula Microcote added to help to reduce airborne dust particles.

Microcote has been designed by Bed-Down to lock up any dust produced after the dust extraction process. General day to day wear on any bedding will produce dust but Microcote will significally reduce dust levels in the stable as it “traps” dust particles and prevents them being inhaled by the horse. Microcote is harmless to both horses and humans and does not contravene any Jockey Club regulations.

Bed-Down Excel Plus horse bedding offers the same great benefits as standard Excel. It spreads up to 1/3rd further than an equivalent sized bale of softwood shavings and by chopping the wheat straw Bed-Down Excel Plus is easier to use than traditional baled long straw. Bed-Down Excel Plus horse bedding makes a warm, durable and comfortable bedding for your horse and is great value for you. We also add a pleasant lemon fragrance to act as an effective unappetiser and to help to keep the stable fresh.

Bed-Down Excel Plus is made from sustainable wheat straw and the shavings are a by product of the wood mill industry. Excel Plus degrades in 4-8 months and as it is very absorbent waste is kept to a minimum making your muck heap smaller.
{How To Make The Perfect Excel Plus Bed}
You can make a fresh Bed-Down bed on a clean rubber mat or conventional stable floor, or gradually combine with other bedding as part of your usual maintenance routine. You’ll be able to appreciate the full product benefits once you’ve removed all existing bedding.

How many bags will I need to create a new bed?
You’ll need about 6 Classic? Bales for a typical 12’ x 12’ (3.6m x 3.6m) stable. This will create a deep comfy bed once the bedding is spread out and fluffed up.

How do I replace an existing bed with new Bed-Down bales?
Add new bedding to the outside of the bed, gradually moving existing bedding towards the center as more new bedding is added. Keep adding new bedding to the outside of the bed until all old bedding has been removed.

What’s the most economical way to maintain a clean, dry bed in my stable?

To maintain a good depth, add 1-1.5 fresh Classic Bales per week (depending on your horse’s needs).
Remove droppings and tidy the bed daily, remembering to fluff the bedding in the areas you’ve cleaned.
Remove wet bedding patches weekly, topping up with fresh Bed-Down bedding.

{Dust free bedding - Easy Breathe™ and Microcote™}
Our unique advanced multiple dust extraction process, Easy Breathe™, removes hazardous airborne dust particles to protect sensitive equine respiration. Even better, we combine it with Microcote™, a patented additive designed to reduce dust particles created by the general day to day wear on any bedding by “trapping” those and preventing them being inhaled by the horse.
{Restricted diet}
The added natural lemon fragrance discourages nibbling, making Excel the perfect choice for horses on a restricted diet and for those with sensitive stomachs - and it keeps your stable smelling fresh too!
{Value for money}
Economical to use, Excel spreads up to 35% further than an equivalent sized bale of softwood shavings.
{Sustainable and environment friendly}
Sustainably sourced from Norfolk wheat straw and softwood shavings, a by-product of a local wood mill. Environmentally friendly, it biodegrades within 4 to 8 months, keeping waste to a minimum and reducing the size of your muckheap! And of course our straw is sourced as locally as possible in Norfolk to minimise its environmental impact.

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