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Bay Toprose Gold 1kg

Bay Toprose Gold 1kg

Ref: 71355

MPN: 84072478

7.99 (Inc VAT )

Toprose Gold

For optimal blooms and healthy, green leaves
•Gets both bare rooted and container grown shrubs and roses off to a great start!
•Increases root development
•Encourages nutrient absorption for bigger, brighter and healthier plants
•Allows new rose bushes and shrubs to better survive transplanting
•Easy to apply: simply sprinkle around your roses and lightly hoe into top soil
•Available in a 1kg re-sealable pouch

Roses and shrubs

{Application method}


{Advice on application}
Bare-rooted plants
Dig a hole which is wide enough and deep enough to allow the roots to spread out fully. Average size 60cm across and 25cm deep. Mix one handful of Toprose with the bottom soil. Bud union should be 2.5cm (1”) below the soil level when planting is completed.
Container-grown plants
Water thoroughly before planting or removing the container. Cut down the side of the container when stood on the base of the hole. Remove this cover very carefully. Mix one handful of Toprose with the bottom soil.
{Precaution for use}

• Store in a cool dry place.

• For further information, refer to product label.

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