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B550SM Safety Lace Boot

B550SM Safety Lace Boot

Ref: 73446Main

MPN: ZB550SM-06


{Description}Is this Buckler Boots Goodyear welted style one of the best looking safety boots you have seen? B550SM has a wider fitting than our standard toe cap on Goodyear welted styles. It comes with a dual thickness rubber scuff toe and is fitted with K3 rubber sole providing maximum (SRC) slip resistance.

{Suggested Sector Use:}
•Available Sizes 6/40-13/47
•Dual Thickness Rubber Scuff Toe
•Heat (300ºC) & Oil Resistant Rubber Outsole
•Slip Resistant - max test (SRC)
•Steel Midsole
•Steel Toe Cap
•Wider fitting
•Autumn Oak (antique finish) Leather
•Sole - K3 Rubber Sole

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