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BD EG 7149 LH Digging Spade

BD EG 7149 LH Digging Spade

Ref: 46573

MPN: 7149LPH48N

46.10 (Inc VAT )

Bulldog Evergreen Flat Treaded Garden Spade 48" - Ash Handle
The blade on this spade is a conventional garden spade. Attached to a long Ash handle it makes a great digging tool, allowing you to dig without bending.

{ Product Features.}
Ash shaft
Ideal for the taller gardener
Treaded blade
Forged In Britain
Handle length 48" (1219mm)

Part No: BUL7149LPH48N ( 48" )

Handle Shape Straight Handle
Shaft Material Ash
Shaft Length 48" (1219mm)

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