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B&S BSB4AHB2 82v Li-ION Battery 30min

B&S BSB4AHB2 82v Li-ION Battery 30min

Ref: 80794

MPN: 1760514

299.00 (Inc VAT )

82V 4Ah Li-Ion Battery compatible with the complete Snapper XD 82V system; Blower, Chainsaw, String Trimmer and Hedge Trimmer.
Charging time 25 minutes (50%) 60 minutes (100%)
Charges with B&S rapid charging station
2 year consumer warranty
4 charge indicator lights display charge level
Model Number BSB4AH82
Brand Snapper
Product type 82V 4Ah Li-Ion Battery
Battery Type 4Ah Battery
Battery Power 328 W H
Battery charge time 60 mins
Weight 2.6Kg
Warranty 2 Year

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