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Nettex Anti-Feather Peck Spray 250ml

Nettex Anti-Feather Peck Spray 250ml

Ref: 41959

MPN: FG04477

9.98 (Inc VAT )

Anti-Feather Pecking Spray

The first step in defence against feather pecking and bullying.
•Anti-Feather Pecking Spray helps prevent biting, plucking and cannibalism
•It contains a foul-tasting substance with a very strong odour. The foul-tasting substance is strong and most biting or plucking should cease after 1-2 days
•Anti-Feather Pecking Spray also includes anti- bacterial agents that will help disinfect minor skin abrasions. These agents also help minimise the spread of bacterial infections and support the healing process.

{How to use}

Spray on to any affected areas including skin where feathers have been removed. Use on feathers should be avoided.

Size | 250ml | 500ml

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