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AgriVite Mixed Chicken Grit 3L

AgriVite Mixed Chicken Grit 3L

Ref: 72693

MPN: 999220


Mixed Poultry Grit

A mixture of both essential types of grit - Oystershell to improve eggshell, feather and bone quality and Flint Grit to aid digestion.

Mixed Grit - Relative sizeProperties of Mixed Poultry Grit include...

Aids the digestive system and makes sure that your chickens are getting both the types of grit they need! Grit is an essential supplement to combat feather-pecking tendencies. Download 'Feather-Pecking Solutions' leaflet here.

Comes in a 3lt plastic tub with handle. Also available in a 1lt tub.

Convenient mixture
Supplies soluble and insoluble grit
Ideal for laying hens

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