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Ad Dog Country Hunter Duck & Plum 700g

Ad Dog Country Hunter Duck & Plum 700g

Ref: 68473


7.10 (Inc VAT )

Duck with Plum
{Description}We only use the very best stuff to make our meaty duck and plum nuggets and then freeze dry each nugget to lock in the fabulous flavours that your dog will love.
To complement our tasty freeze dried nuggets of meat this product includes a generous portion of baked oats, fruits and vegetables, gently baked into an oaty nugget.
With freeze dried raw meat chunks
Digestible wholegrain oats
Contains antioxidants from seaweed, spinach and British plums
Pack size 1 x 700g

{Feeding guidelines per day:}
Small (1-5kg) - 30g - 100g
Medium (5-10kg) - 100g - 180g
Large (10-25kg) - 180g - 350g
X Large (25-40kg) - 350g - 500g

We recommend adding a splash of warm water to your dogs superfood crunch to aid digestion and slightly rehydrate the freeze dried meaty nuggets included.

This food has been balanced to meet nutritional guidelines for adult dogs.

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