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AWJ Small Flake Shavings 23kg

AWJ Small Flake Shavings 23kg

Ref: 79167


8.95 ( 1+ ) (Inc VAT)
8.39 (10 +) (Inc VAT)
7.79 (42 +) (Inc VAT)

Small Flake Wood Shavings ¦ Premium dust extracted milled shavings, baled by A.W. Jenkinson Forest Products.
¦ Produced from joinery shavings which go through the same dust extraction process to allow us to offer a high quality product.
¦ All bales are volume packed to ensure maximum out-turn per bale. ¦ Packaged in top quality plastic, pallets of bales are then wrapped
with a single UV protective hood to allow Small Flake to be stored outdoors.

{Product Specification}
Produced from a variety of coniferous softwood, predominantly Spruce. Sourced from various sawmills.
Over 95% of particles fall within a 2-25mm size range
Wood fibre content of 99%+
Moisture content in the region of 10-25%. (Dry Weight Basis)
The weight/volume ratio (bulk density) is normally in the range of 30-75Kg/m3
Outturn – 466 Litres per bale (Average)
The pH range is between 5.5 & 6.5
All practical measures are taken to remove foreign matter such as metal, glass, plastic and any other extraneous materials
White/light brown in colour with a typically dry woody odour
Durable, long lasting and free from pathogens, pests and weed seeds
Bale Dimensions (mm) L820 x W380 x H340

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