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2695 Ult Twist Spray Gun & Sprinkler

2695 Ult Twist Spray Gun & Sprinkler

Ref: 71478

MPN: 2695 0000

20.50 (Inc VAT )

Ultra Twist: 2695
Ultra Twist: watering with a twist!
A unique 3 in 1 watering device that saves you time switching between hose attachments.
The new Ultra Twist is an evolution of the popular Hozelock Multi Spray Plus and has now been transformed to include extra features that meet the increasing demands of today’s gardening consumers.
With a simple twist of the head it converts from a traditional watering gun with a choice of spray patterns into a lawn sprinkler suitable for areas up to 69m2. Simply twist again and it can operate hands free to water a specific area of the garden.
{Features}•Gun with three spray patterns: rose, fast fill & jet
•Sprinkler (area coverage 69m2)
•Lockable variable flow trigger and separate flow control

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